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Forms – Oil, Gas & Minerals

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Oil and Gas Forms

Acknowledgment in a Representative Capacity

Acknowledgment in an Individual Capacity

Annual Rental Payor Change Request.DOC

Assignment of Cash Collateral

Bid Application Lease Sale Form and Guide

Bond Instructions Law and Rule NM SLO.DOC

Change of Address – Official Notice

Change of Annual Rental Payor

Checklist and Instructions for Communitization Agreements

Commingling Application 2017-10-25

Communitization Agreement OG-CO2

Communitization Agreement Short-Term

Communitization Agreement State-Fed or State-Fed-Fee

Communitization Agreement State-State or State-Fee

Communitization Self-Certification Form for Non-State Interests

Consolidation of State Oil and Gas Leases

Geophysical Bond Permit Form

Geophysical Exploration Permit Application – To apply for a geophysical permit, submit a project description, along with a project area map showing state lands and all geophysical line locations, to Paige Czoski, Petroleum Geologist Specialist, at Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Paige at 505-827-5774

Lease Stipulation Form

Lease Stipulation Form Instructions

Miscellaneous Instrument Filing Form Jan. 201

Multi-Lease Blanket Bond

Notice of Unit Operator Transfer – 1.7.19

Oil and Gas Bond Waiver Certification July 2020

Oil and Gas Leases Improvement Damage Bond – One Lease

Record Title of Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease Form NMSLO

Reduced Royalty Rate Application and Checklist

Relinquishment, Release, and Quitclaim Deed

Relinquishment, Release, and Quitclaim Deed Instruction

Shut-In Gas Royalty Payment Form

Shut-In Oil Well Form  

******FAQ’s On New Oil Well Shut-In Rule CLICK HERE

SLO Megabond Form 2020

State-Fed-Fee Exploratory Unit Development Operation Agreement

State-Fed-Fee Waterflood Unit Development Operation Agreement

State-Fee Exploratory Unit Development Operation Agreement

State-Fee Waterflood Unit Development Operation Agreement

Stipulation Instructions

Surface Owner / Lessee Bond Requirement Waiver

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