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The Royalty Management Division processes oil and gas royalty revenue and executes related audit and compliance programs to maximize revenue for the beneficiaries.

The Revenue Processing Bureau is responsible for the monthly collection processing and distribution of all revenue derived from the production and sales of oil, natural gas, and CO2.  This area is also responsible for the validation of all assessments and credit notices. 

The Compliance Bureau is responsible for the resolution of company suspense accounts and the collection of outstanding billings.  The Compliance Bureau also addresses refund requests, bankruptcy, and trespass issues.

The Audit Bureau is responsible for conducting field and desk audits of State Lessee’s  royalty reports and remittances.  This team ensures royalty calculations are in compliance with the statutory lease, agency regulations, and policies, and court decisions and rulings.

The Royalty Management Division is also responsible for accounting for Section 29 royalty.  This program was implemented over thirty years ago to monetize Federal coalseam tax credits by selling Trust mineral interests.  The Royalty Management Division also administers an advanced payment program which requires royalty remitters maintain an average monthly royalty balance that is computed annually.

The Royalty Management Division is ran by Danny Martinez. Danny has been with the Land Office since 2001.  He has served as the Director of the Royalty Management Division since 2014 and the Deputy Director since 2001.  He has worked with the oil and gas industry since 1990.  His previous work experience also includes working as a staff accountant with Ernst & Young and as an Audit Manager with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from New Mexico Highlands University.

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