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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division (ASD) of the Land Office is overseen by Assistant Commissioner Selena Romero. ASD encompasses accounting and financial management, human resources, facilities management, records management, and information technology.


Revenue generated on state trust land is received and disbursed to beneficiaries by accounting staff.  Accounting deals with two different funds.

Revenue generated from finite resources such as oil, gas, and minerals or revenue that depletes a resource such as the sale of land, is transferred to the Land Grant Permanent Fund (LGPF).  The LGPF is held and invested by the State Investment Council (SIC), which the Commissioner is a member of.  Revenue generated from renewable sources or which does not deplete a resource is transferred into the Land Maintenance Fund (LMF). Approximately 2.5% of the LMF is used to pay Land Office operating expenses with the remaining funds being disbursed to the beneficiaries.
The Accounting Department is overseen by Director Antonio Medina.  Antonio received his B.A. in Accounting from Eastern NM University and has been employed by the Land Office for 2 years.

Human Resources

The Land Office employs nearly 186 staff around New Mexico, predominantly the employees are based in Santa Fe.  Commissioner Garcia Richard is the first woman, first Latina, and the first educator to serve in this position.  The dedicated, talented, and hardworking staff at the Land Office reflect the diversity of New Mexico, and the leadership team is over 40% female.
The Human Resources staff assists the leadership team by providing counseling, guidance and direction on agency and State Personnel Board policies and procedures, as well as state and federal laws.  When Commissioner Garcia Richard began her term, the Land Office had a vacancy rate near 25%.  Due to record activity in the Mineral, Commercial, and Surface Resources Divisions, the Land Office is in a hiring frenzy to reduce the vacancy rate and assist staff with workloads.  As of September 2023, the vacancy rate was at 7.71%.
Human Resources offers customized training to afford staff opportunities to develop appropriate skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform their jobs to the best of their ability.  This department manages all payroll and benefit transactions as well as personnel and position requests and approvals.
The Human Resources Department is overseen by Director Shannell Townsend.  Shannell received her MSHR in Human Resources and Strategic Planning from Bellevue University and has been employed by the Land Office for over two years. Shannell received her Master’s degree in Human Resources and Strategic Planning from Bellevue University and holds a Professional Human Resources certification (PHR) through Human Resources Certification Institute. She has been employed by the Land Office since April of 2021.

Facilities Management

The Land Office was built in 1960 and is operated and maintained by the staff – unlike most other state agencies around New Mexico. Facilities Management, led by Director Bobby Gallegos, manages all maintenance for the building and grounds, custodial services, security, as well as the Business Operations Center which includes a print shop, graphic design, mail services, and the agency fleet management.

Records Management

The Land Office Records Management Department provides essential information about state trust land by ensuring that records are accurate and accessible to staff and the public. In addition to preserving valuable paper records, the division provides ready access to records transferred the office. The Department is lead by Director Ley Schimoler.

Information Technology

IT is a cornerstone of the Land Office because most of the information provided to the public relies on technology and applications developed and maintained by the IT staff. In addition to managing the agency network, equipment, and software, the Department develops applications and oversees projects to automate agency records and record-keeping systems. CIO Tony Hoffman manages the Land Office IT Department.

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