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310 Old Santa Fe Trail,
Santa Fe NM 87501



Commissioner Garcia Richard is committed to constantly engaging our beneficiaries, lessees, Tribal communities, and the public in order to conduct our business effectively and transparently. 

Advisory Committees

The State Land Office has created five advisory committees in order to inform decision making with feedback from communities and experts most impacted by those decisions.

  • Existing Advisory Committees
  • Conservation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Sportspeople
  • Agriculture
  • Chaco Canyon Working Group

Tribal Liaison

Rachael Lorenzo, Mescalero and Laguna, serves as the first Tribal Liaison at the State Land Office as well as the Assistant Commissioner of Engagement. In this role, they work to assure New Mexico’s Pueblos, the Navajo Nation, and Apache Tribes have a seat at the table when decisions are made. Commissioner Garcia Richard is committed to fostering true government-to-government relationship with sovereign Tribes.


The 22 beneficiaries of state trust land receive vital funding from the Land Office, and are therefore our most important stakeholders. We engage with public schools, universities, and hospitals to create educational opportunities and more. 

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