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Commercial Resources Staff Directory

The division’s staff is divided into two sections: the lease management section and the project management section. The lease managers oversee the day-to-day management of business leases. The leases include uses such as retail, office and industrial, telecommunication sites; oil- and gas-related surface uses; underground gas storage units; real estate planning and development; renewable energy (solar, wind, and biomass); and billboards.

The project management section consists of professional staff continually working with lease applicants and local and federal governments to facilitate the due diligence of complex leases, process long-term leases, resolve planning issues and manage land exchanges. The project management staff is also responsible for auditing leases on a case-by-case basis for compliance, record-keeping and financial accountability.

Commercial Resources Division (CRD)

Commercial Resources Division (CRD)
Steven Vierck Assistant Commissioner, Special Projects (505) 827-3827
Michael Sage Assistant Commissioner, Commercial Resources Division (505) 670-3244
Jim Bordegaray Director, Commercial Resources Division (505) 827-5777
Melissa Armijo Deputy Director, Commercial Resources Division (505) 827-5728
James White Economic Development Specialist (505) 827-5731
Christopher Wolf Special Projects Analyst (505) 827-5095
Francesca Fernandez Special Projects Analyst (505) 827-1252
Barbara Griego Administrative Assistant (505) 827-5784
Business Leasing
Conrad Kegel Business Leasing Manager (505) 827-5797
Vacant Business Leasing Analyst (505) 476-4533
Anthony Vigil Business Leasing Analyst (505) 827-5710  
Anais Gonzalez Business Leasing Analyst (505) 827-5780  
Crestino Gonzales Business Leasing Analyst (505) 827-3809  
Ryan Madrid Business Leasing Analyst (505) 476-4590  
Jessica Juarez Business Leasing Analyst (505) 476-4533  
Office of Renewable Energy
Craig Johnson Director, Office of Renewable Energy (505) 827-5724
Grady Barrens Deputy Director, Office of Renewable Energy (505) 827-4095
Rhesa Njolai Management Analyst (505) 827-5870
Patrick Trujillo Management Analyst (505) 827-3810
Rights of Way (ROW)
Amy Velazquez Rights of Way Leasing Manager (505) 827-5789
Vacant Management Analyst
Samantha Martinez Management Analyst (505) 827-4003
Leticia Vigil Management Analyst (505) 827-5094
Nick Jaramillo Management Analyst (505) 827-5773
Patricia Esquibel Management Analyst (505) 827-5734
Philip Garcia Management Analyst (505) 827-5751
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