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The ONGARD  (Oil and Natural Gas Administration and Revenue Database) computer system tracks oil and gas production, taxes, and royalties in a relational database. It provides the most accurate information to date about statewide oil and natural gas production, royalties, and taxes.

The ONGARD Service Center is housed at the New Mexico State Land Office, which uses it to audit oil and gas production volumes. Two other agencies also use data compiled by ONGARD:  Taxation and Revenue Department and the Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department’s Oil Conservation Division.

The ONGARD  helps the state maximize revenues owed from oil and natural gas production.  It includes an inventory of state trust land, lease descriptions, well locations, exploration information, royalty, and other trust revenue figures, as well as distribution and collection data.  When the process of blending ONGARD and Geographical Information System (GIS) data is completed, the State Land Office and the public  will be able to view online maps of well locations, lease locations, and areas of exploration and development.   This format will help the State Land Office make decisions on natural resource management.

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