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Business Leasing

The Business Leasing Department manages the land to provide the best financial return for trust beneficiaries, primarily through leasing, but also with strategic planning and land exchanges.  The Business Leasing Department manages over 1,000 instruments including business leases, gas storage units, billboards, and various land use restrictions.  There are two types of business leases: non-bid leases and bid leases.  Leases with a term of less than five years do not require the bidding process and can be renewed at the Commissioner’s discretion. All business leases are governed by Rule 9, except for planning and development leases, which are governed by Rule 22.  In evaluating proposed business lease applications, the CRD emphasizes local community needs, recreational opportunities, quality site design and planning, job creation, and resource impacts. The revenue earned from business leasing is deposited into the maintenance fund for immediate distribution to the trust beneficiaries.

Expiring Business Leases

To view a list of business leases expiring between February 1, 2024 and April 30, 2024, please click here.

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