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Cultural Resources Office

The Cultural Resources Office (CRO) was created by Commissioner Garcia Richard in 2021 to improve the stewardship of cultural resources on the 9 million surface acres of trust land. The office reviews lease and improvement applications, conducts cultural resource surveys, assists leasing divisions with cultural compliance for land maintenance projects, and consults with governmental agencies and descendant communities. To date, over 600,000 (6.7%) acres of trust land have been surveyed for cultural resources and over 11,000 cultural properties have been identified and documented indigenous hunting sites that are more than 13,000 years old. Surveys continue almost every day, and are constantly adding to these totals.

Lease and Project Review

The Cultural Resources Office reviews lease applications and project proposals to determine their impact on cultural resources. CRO recently developed the first-ever Cultural Properties Protection Rule which requires cultural surveys to be conducted prior to any new surface disturbing activity on state trust land.

Archaeological Surveys

If a proposed project area on trust land has never been surveyed for cultural resources, an archaeological survey will be required to document and avoid any sites that may be in the area. The Cultural Resources Office staff conduct surveys of in-house land improvement projects as well as part of the Cultural Survey Support Program.

CRO’s Mission

The Cultural Resources Office strives to help the Commissioner of Public Lands steward the land for the beneficiaries in a way that honors and respects the heritage of our state’s tribes, nations, and pueblos.

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Questions and inquiries can be directed to or by phone at (505) 827-5781.

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