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Commercial Resources


What are the responsibilities of the Commercial Resources Division?

The Commercial Resources Division is responsible for:

  1. Commercial leasing
  2. Exchanges
  3. Sales
  4. Recreational and educational access permits.

What is the policy of the Commissioner of Public Land on sale of trust land?

Commissioner Garcia Richard will ensure that land trades are evaluated in the most transparent manner possible. Commissioner Garcia Richard maintains the standard that all trades are optimized to benefit the recipients of the trust land revenues in the short and long term.

What kind of land exchanges are possible?

Land exchanges have taken place with other government entities, including local government and NM Indian tribes, and with private parties. Land exchanges with other government entities are more common, but exchanges with private parties are also possible in limited circumstances. All proposed land exchanges will be evaluated to determine if the proposed exchange benefits the trust. Please see Rule 21 governing land exchanges.

What types of leasing of trust lands are possible?

The Commercial Resources Division leases land for many types of commercial purposes, including but not limited to: office, retail, and industrial; economic development parks, including high technology parks; Planning and Development leases for planned mixed use communities; telecommunications; renewable energy; oil and gas surface uses (e.g. compressor sites). All business leases are governed by Rule 9, except for planning and development leases, which are governed by Rule 22.

For how many years can I lease trust land?

Most business leases are for five year terms. However, by statute any lease for a term greater than five years requires a public auction following a ten week advertising period. This process is also set forth in Rule 9.

How do I apply for a commercial lease?

Standard business leasing forms may be found here and may be filled out electronically then printed and mailed to the address on the application. However, for some types of leases more information will be required. Please contact the Commercial Resources Division at (505) 827-5724 for more information.

How long does it take to get a decision following a lease application?

This depends on the complexity of the lease. The review and analysis of the lease application involves the collaborative work of many professional staff within the Land Office, including field staff headquartered in regions throughout the state, field biologist, archaeologist, financial analyst, planner, appraiser, and others.

How can I get a recreational permit on state lands?

Information about recreational access to state trust lands can be found on our Recreational Access page or by contacting our Commercial Resources Division at 505-827-5784.



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