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310 Old Santa Fe Trail,
Santa Fe NM 87501


The State Land Office is committed to advancing renewable energy projects so that New Mexico is at the cornerstone of our clean energy future. In this section, you will find information on how to bid on renewable energy projects.




The New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands will accept sealed bids seeking the highest and best bid for the following long term commercial business leases for renewable energy (wind power) facilities:
Lease Number Approx. Total Lease Acreage County
EW-0093 7,698.18 Torrance
EW-0094 7,468.117 Lincoln
EW-0095 3,760.00 Lincoln
EW-0096 17,533.85 Lincoln
EW-0097 7,663.31 Lincoln
EW-0098 3,520.54 Lincoln
EW-0101 22,137.85 Torrance & San Miguel
EW-0102 9,827.55 Torrance
EW-0103 3,828.11 Torrance
EW-0105 7,364.68 Torrance
EW-0106 56,881.60 Torrance & San Miguel

Map  Click to open map of the 11 proposed leases for June 10 2022 auction.

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