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310 Old Santa Fe Trail,
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The Commercial Resources Division (CRD) consists of three departments: the Business Leasing Department, the Office of Renewable Energy, and the Rights-of-Way Department.   

The business leasing department oversees all aspects of business leases. The leases include uses such as retail, office and industrial, telecommunication sites; oil- and gas-related surface uses; underground gas storage units; real estate planning and development, and billboards.  The professional staff works with lease applicants and local and federal governments to facilitate the due diligence of complex leases, process long-term leases, resolve planning issues and manage land exchanges. The staff is also responsible for auditing leases on a case-by-case basis for compliance, record-keeping and financial accountability.

The office of renewable energy was established in 2019 by Commissioner Garcia Richard to capitalize on New Mexico’s abundant wind, solar and geothermal resources with an eye to developing these resources on trust lands.

The rights-of-way department administers active rights-of way easements, right-of-entry permits, and outfitting/guiding permits.  The professional staff prepares instruments for such uses as electric transmission and distribution lines, pipelines, roads and telecommunications sites.

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