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September 2018 SLTAB Meeting Agenda

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I. Call to Order

II. Roll Call

III. Welcome – Aubrey Dunn, State Land Commissioner

IV. Introduction of Board Members, Guests and State Land Office Staff

V. Approval of Agenda

VI. Approval of May 2, 2018 Minutes

VII. New Business

  a) Agency Update – Commissioner Dunn
  b) Financial Report – Sandra Lopez, Assistant Commissioner
  c) Division Updates

      1. Administrative Services – Sandra Lopez, Assistant Commissioner
      2. Special Projects – Emily Strickler, Assistant Commissioner
      3. Field Operations – Mike Perry, Assistant Commissioner
      4. Oil, Gas & Mineral Resources – Ed Martin, Assistant Commissioner
      5. Information Technology & Royalty Division – George Rosenbaum, Assistant Commissioner
      6. Commercial Resources – Craig Johnson, Assistant Commissioner
      7. Rights of Way – Clyde Ward, Assistant Commissioner

VIII. Public Comments

IX. Commissioner’s Closing Remarks

X. Closed Executive Session

  a) Legal Matters

XI. Adjournment

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