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310 Old Santa Fe Trail,
Santa Fe NM 87501


about the State Trust Land Ambassador Program

The State Trust Land Ambassador Program promotes positive relationships between lessees, recreational users, and other stakeholders of state trust land. The first pilot iterations of the Ambassador Program will engage with users of the White Peak and Luera Mountains areas.

What is a State Trust Land Ambassador?

Ambassadors are proactive communicators and positive liaisons between the State Land Office, recreational users, and lessees. Their objective is to understand the facts about the area, including information about projects, fire restrictions, and related information and updates conveyed to them by the State Land Office and be able to share that information with users as a resource, fostering positive interactions between the multiple users of state trust land. Ambassadors will also communicate with the State Land Office what they’re seeing on state trust land, including locked gates, trash, and fires, to ensure that the land is being stewarded responsibly, and all users of state trust land are having positive experiences.

The State Land Office is looking for people who have utilized the White Peak and Luera Mountains areas recreationally for many years, and continue to hunt or hike them, as well as State Land Office lessees and other stakeholders in the area. Ambassadors serve as partners with the State Land Office to assist in fire prevention efforts, user/lessee relationship-building, and hunter education. Ambassadors will receive a free recreational pass for annual access to ensure they use and understand the area as much as possible and are knowledgeable and effective Ambassadors. They may also receive access to other outdoor recreation pilot programs. 

Information that Ambassadors should know and be able to share include:

  • Knowledge of land status and property lines
  • Proper etiquette for land access and multiple users (agricultural community, sportspeople, recreationists)
  • Fire restrictions
  • Open roads
  • Camping areas and restrictions
  • Area history
  • Area lessees
  • Contact information for the State Land Office, Game and Fish, area lessees, and fellow ambassadors

What is the commitment like?

Ambassadors are volunteers who commit to participating in one Zoom meeting in mid-August, one Zoom meeting in January, watching short training videos, reading monthly email updates from the State Land Office, and engaging in occasional phone and email communications relevant to the project. 

How do I apply?

Complete the application below to apply online. You may also download this pdf application and submit it by mail or email to State Land Office, PO Box 1148, Santa Fe, NM 87501, or 

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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State Trust Land Ambassador Program Application

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