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About New Mexico State Land Office Advisory Committees

In 2019, Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard reinstated advisory committees to provide information and recommendations to the State Land Office on a variety of issues including rulemaking changes, Chaco Canyon, the Department of Game and Fish easement, agricultural leasing, and landscape level planning.

This year, Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard is encouraging even more people to get involved by completing the online application to participate in an advisory committee or working group.

The State Land Office uses advisory committees and working groups to obtain independent expert advice and constituent input on a variety of issues relating to conservation, hunting, agriculture, and oil & gas operations.

We are excited to open up the process and engage more New Mexicans to participate in our committees and working groups. Applicants are encouraged to apply for one or more of the following:

Agriculture Advisory Committee – The Agriculture Advisory Committee provides expertise and feedback on a range of issues directly impacting agricultural lessees. The committee is comprised of agricultural lessees, ranchers, farmers, and industry-related organizations. The committee will meet in person in Santa Fe or by phone on Wednesday, April 29 at 3 PM and at a date to be determined in September. This committee will be asked to be on-call to respond to emerging issues as they arise.

Conservation Advisory Committee – The Conservation Advisory Committee provides insight to the State Land Office to ensure conservation and improvement of our public lands. This committee takes on engagement and action. Members are asked to help raise environmental awareness, educate the public, and help coordinate their respective communities in support of the State Land Office’s stewardship efforts and long-term landscape level planning. This committee is primarily on-call, but it will have at least one in-person meeting in Santa Fe every November.

Sportspeople Advisory Committee – The Sportspeople Advisory Committee provide expertise and insight into hunting and other outdoor recreation activities that take place on New Mexico State Trust Land. This committee is mainly on-call to address issues that arise such as hunting closures and access issues, but it will have at least one in-person meeting in Santa Fe every September.

Working Groups

Game & Fish Easement Working Group – Every March, the State Land Office and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish enter into an easement agreement to open up nearly 9 million acres of state trust land to hunters. This working group is comprised of agricultural lessees and sportspeople. The goal is to find compromises that both stakeholder groups can agree to in order to improve the experience of hunters and agricultural lessees during hunting season.

Agricultural Leasing Working Group – The State Land Office is fortunate to have over 3,500 agricultural lessees that provide stewardship and safety throughout  state trust land. This working group is comprised of agricultural lessees, and it will help the State Land Office make critical decisions regarding any changes to agricultural lease terms.

Camping & Backpacking Working Group – The State Land Office in partnership with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish will establish the first-ever pilot program on state trust land to allow for backpacking and dispersed camping in 2020. This working group is comprised of sportspeople and outdoor recreational experts who will advise on the pilot program.

White Peak Working Group – For generations, families have used White Peak for camping and hunting, but access continues to be threatened. The State Land Office is committed to addressing these issues and finding solutions through this working group.  

Applications will be accepted until Friday, April 17, 2020. Please complete the form below to apply.


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