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DECEMBER 17, 2020

Recognizing that disruptions in oil and gas development logistics still exist due to the ongoing pandemic, the SLO is extending our temporary COVID extension program with the following clarifications:

  • Three month COVID lease extensions are available to lessees.  When requesting the extension, lessees must describe the specific circumstance arising from COVID and how it impacts operations.
  • The SLO may grant the extension after a review of whether the lease is in good standing.  The SLO will verify whether a bond is on file, whether royalties are up to date, and whether the lease is currently active.  The SLO will verify whether open spills or compliance actions exist.
  • One three month extension is available.  The Commissioner may grant an additional extension, in her sole discretion, upon a showing of good cause.
  • To request a COVID lease extension, please contact Kenda Montoya, via email, at

If a special exception is approved via email, a copy of the filing fee check, along with any stipulations required per the Assistant Commissioner of Minerals, shall be scanned and emailed to the Oil & Gas Lease Manager for review.  Once approved, a hard copy of the check and submitted materials shall be mailed to the New Mexico State Land Office as follows:

New Mexico State Land Office

Attn: Kenda Montoya/Special Exception

PO Box 1148

Santa Fe, NM  87504