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SANTA FE, NM – Great Divide Wind Farm, LLC – a subsidiary of Scout Clean Energy – has won a bid for over 16,000 acres of state trust land located in Grant County. The area has been designated as prime for wind energy generation. The state trust land portion of the project is anticipated to generate 100 megawatts (MW), with the entire farm generating 250 MW, enough capacity to power approximately 250,000 New Mexico households.

“The announcement of the Great Divide Wind Farm is just a fraction of our strategy to jump start New Mexico’s renewable energy future. It is just six months into my administration, but we are on track to hit our goal by tripling the wind and solar generation on state trust land,” Commissioner Garcia Richard said. “Over the term of this lease, Great Divide will bring in $16 million to New Mexico public schools, hospitals, and colleges. With the number of applications pending for projects on state trust land, New Mexico will soon see a booming wind and solar economy, which means new revenue flowing to the Land Office. It is our mission to diversify our revenue while also helping to move New Mexico toward a clean energy future.”

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