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SANTA FE, NM – Following up on her campaign promise to increase transparency at the State Land Office, Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard worked with Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto (D-15) to introduce SB 458, which will require public notice and input prior to the agency taking final action on any proposed land sales, land exchanges and rights-of-way (ROW) permits for large-scale electrical transmission lines and oil/gas pipelines involving state trust lands.

“I thank Senator Ivey-Soto for working with the land office on this legislation. In his tenure as a State Senator, he has been a champion of making our government more transparent. For too long land office business has been conducted in a manner that invites public scrutiny because there is so little known about its decisions, which often have far-reaching implications,” Commissioner Garcia Richard said. “This bill not only requires our office to give ample notice when we are contemplating large land deals, it also mandates that public meetings occur before final action is taken and affected citizens have a voice at the table.”

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