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Recreational Access

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Recreational Access to Trust Land

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Recreational access to State Trust Land is facilitated through a permit system determined by the specific type of use. Please keep in mind that permission is required to legally access Trust Land. Some activities are prohibited or restricted on State Trust Land. Travel on trust land is restricted to public highways and established roads; off road activities are not permitted. The disturbance, damaging, or removal or resources is strictly prohibited. Please see the following link for a complete list of prohibited Activities (updated 12-13-13). Additional information on the types of access permitted on Trust Land can be found below or by following these links: Hiking; Camping; and Hunting. For more information regarding Educational Access, scroll down to the Educational Access Permit section below.

Recreational Access Permit

Recreational access for hiking and other purposes can be purchased from the Commercial Leasing Division at the cost of $35.00. These permits are valid for one year from the date issued and can be obtained by submitting the completed Recreational Access Permit Application or in person at our main office in Santa Fe. Please read the packet to ensure that your intended use is covered by the permit.

Educational Access Permit

Educational access for school groups or other educational activities on trust land can be obtained from the Commercial Leasing Division by submitting the completed Educational Access Permit Application or in person at our main office.


Camping is allowed on State Trust Lands with a valid hunting license and during hunting season in a designated camp site location or with written permission of the surface lessee at an alternate location. Camp site locations and access points are visible by clicking on this link:

Sportsmen’s Access

Hunting on State Trust Lands


There are approximately 9 million state trust surface acres in New Mexico. The State Game Commission has purchased an easement on state trust land for fishermen, hunters and trappers to use. Most state trust lands are open to public hunting and other recreation although some lands withdrawn for hunting access. It is the individual’s responsibility to know the regulations for accessing and using state trust lands. Much of New Mexico’s public land is mixed with privately owned property where the private landowner controls the use. Sportsmen must get written landowner permission to cross private land where no public access exists to get to the public land. It is unlawful to post or otherwise restrict lawful uses of public land.

If You Are Denied Access (for hunting and fishing during the appropriate seasons) The right of entry to state trust land is assured if access is available by public road (defined in Section 67-2-1, NMSA 1978) or across other public lands or trails. If you are denied access, call the nearest State Land Office District Resource Manager or the local Game Warden, giving complete details, including location, date, time and the name(s) of the person(s) denying access. The Game and Fish Law Enforcement Field Operations number is 505-476-8066. The State Land Office number in Santa Fe is (505) 827-5760.

Outfitter/Guide Permits

Outfitters and hunting guides are required to have a permit from the Land Office to guide hunts on Trust Land. This permit can be obtained by submitting the completed Outfitter/Guide Application, or by contacting Barbara Griego at (505) 827-5784.

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